Friday, August 5, 2011

Derawan Beach

Derawan beach is a beach located in Berau, East Kalimantan. On the beach there are a number of charming maritime tourism, one of which you are interested Underwater Park tourists, especially divers world-class.
Derawan beach has three districts namely, Derawan Island, Maratua, and the Big Dipper Big Dipper, Berau.
There are at least four of the island's famous beach, the island Maratua, Derawan, Sangalaki, and Kakaban inhabited by endangered green and hawksbill turtles.
Geographically, situated on a peninsula north of Berau District of marine waters consisting of several islands namely Pulau Panjang, Pulau Raburabu, Samama Island, Island Sangalaki, Kakaban, Nabuko Island, Island and Island Maratua Derawan reef as well as some Muaras Hirst, Hirst Pinaka , Buliulin Hirst, Hirst Masimbung, and charred Tababinga.
On the beach Derawan there are several small islands and coastal ecosystems is very important that coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangrove forests (mangroves). In addition, many protected species are at the beach Derawan such as green turtles, hawksbill turtles, whales, dolphins, giant clams, coconut crabs, mermaids, fish, barracuda and a few other species.