Matras beach is one of the mainstay of coastal tourist destination in the Pacific Islands. Matras beach is very beautiful and ramps. This beach is located in the village of New Light, Sungailiat District, adjacent to the Northeast Bangka Island and is about 40 km from Pangkalpinang or 7 miles from the city Sungailiat. This beautiful beach known as Pantai Matras Matras because it is located in the village, Village Sinar Jaya, District Sungailiat, Bangka.
On shore, visitors will find the stunning scenery. Sand blends beautifully with the surrounding rocks like a pearl that unfolds in front of the eye. This beach consists of fine white sand, with a length of about 3 km, with a width of 20 to 30 meters, beach dilatar-backs by the palm trees are featured along with the clear sea and beautiful scenery and the natural river flow, so often referred to as the Paradise Coast .
Among the beautiful beaches in the Pacific Islands, this beach is the most visited by tourists, either by themselves or Pacific communities outside the region and foreign tourists.
The specialty of this beach is fine white sand, palm trees are waving, and the natural river flow. Another specialty, the location is convenient and quiet will give freedom to the viewer to eat while reclining on rocks and enjoy the natural beauty of the beach. Mattress coast region has also built many resting place of simple bungalows are increasingly adding visitors feel at home.
Visitors are advised to use their own vehicle or a taxi from Sungailit or Pangkalpinang headed to Pantai Matras. The journey from Pangkalpinang to the location approximately takes 1 hour by road up and down (wavy). In this place the incoming visitors are only charged when entering the gate entrance on the beach, the magnitude of approximately Rp. 2000, 00 - Rp. 5000.00 per person.
In the vicinity of the location of the beach there are several hotels, guesthouses, tour services / travel, and entertainment venues. There are also centers of selling souvenirs and traditional foods such as Bangka Kemplang Bake, Fish Crackers, bridge fish / squid, Rusip, Belacan / illustration, Pepper Powder, and so on.
For the location of the nearest hotel is Hotel Parai Beach Resort, which can be encountered on the road before heading to the beach mats. More or less within 2 miles of the hotel with a beach Matras.Kawasan has been used as a major tourist areas in Bangka District Parent, as some beaches in the area is very beautiful on average. Alu Like Parai Beach, Gulf Coast Lemons, Beach Mouse, and Beach Stone Bedaun.
This is a decent beach you go to when visiting the Pacific Islands, Didi sure after you enjoy the atmosphere you will feel something different and not inferior to the beaches on the island of Bali.