Romodong beach is one beach which is located on the Northern island of Bangka, more precisely located in the district Belinyu. The beach is one is very beautiful and interesting if it can be managed properly. But unfortunately the beach this one is not so neglected anymore. In fact, from this beach we can see the sunset in the afternoon if the weather support. On the beach is also very nice for relaxing, recreation with family, and for lovers of natural scenery as well as for the hobby of fishing.
Extend along the white sand beach, calm waves make ripples Romodong Coast has its own charm. Sea water bathing at the beach is very pleasant because you do not have to worry about the wave or trough. Sand beach that lies flat and does not dive, so it is fun if for playing and bathing at this beach. Gate to enter into Romodong Coast is also very unique, ie through the gap between two large pieces of stone like the picture on the side. People used to call "Batu Belah Tangkup(Cut Stone handfuls)".
A unique beach again in this one there is a large piece of stone that looks a lot like a frog . People call it as "Frog Rock". Stone frog is located right on the beach before the entrance gate romodong.
Also on this beach there was a two-pronged coconut. Waving palm trees that usually extends upward straight is a little different with a forked appearance. Strange indeed, but it is what it is. The figure below will further explain the above explanation.
Formerly there are several villas and a restaurant on this beach, but now in ruins remaining buildings. I do not quite know why the villa and restaurant is not on the run again. To be sure this is evidence that the lack of government response to the potential possessed by this Romodong Coast.
If you are curious about this one beach, you can come alone and prove it. While the sunset that I review the above you can see the picture below. There are many more that you can find on the beach on this one. The other side of this beach is also very interesting. Besides the potential of fish in coastal areas is also quite promising if you want to camp while looking for fish meal as a side dish.