Siung beach is one beach in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. Although including the most recent known, this beach has become a mainstay of the region. Not long ago, I visited the beach and realize its tourism potential.

Siung beach is located in District Tepus, about 70 km from Yogyakarta. Unlike the beaches that had already been known as Parangtritis, including short Siung. This beach is located in the basin length is only about 300-400 m. But herein lies precisely in its privileges.

Short beach is surrounded by large coral-colored black coral, mostly overgrown with vegetation and moss green. Alloy clear blue sea and greenery add to the beauty of the panorama rock this place.

Siung beach is not the most ideal beaches for swimming because it is facing directly into the Indian Ocean. Topography is rocky and stony beaches and big waves that were difficult for you to swim. No wonder the local government put up the sign ban swimming. But, of course you can still play the water on the beach.