Bandengan Beach is located in the northern district of Jepara, Central Java. The beach is located on the coast north (pantura) Java is a pretty interesting sights to visit. Every holiday season, the beach is always crowded with both local and foreign tourists. This beach is also known as Ocean Beach Tirta which is a leading tourist attraction in Jepara, the hometown of the RA National Heroes Kartini.
You can enjoy the panorama of crystal clear beaches and white sand. In addition, you can also enjoy thick pandanus trees shrubs or trees along the coast Bandengan Jepara or also known as Ocean Beach Tirta. Bandengan Beach has a gently sloping coastal structures and the water clear and clean. Therefore the beach is perfect for a beach tourist attractions such as swimming, playing beach volleyball, boating, or just biking on the beach.

In addition, the condition is relatively quiet north coast of Java makes this beach is relatively safe to enjoy the game on the edge of the sea or swimming. Even when you dip into the clear ocean water, you can see small fish are running at the bottom of the sea water.

Bandengan beach frequented because of its unique natural ambience. You can find the atmosphere of broad white sand beach. Then you can also enjoy the beauty of crystal clear sea water. As well as interesting is the stretch of lush trees and green around the coast. Of course this makes the atmosphere at the Beach Bandengan so cool and comfortable. The beauty of the beach here can rival the beauty of the beaches in Bali.

You can also visit the island in the middle of the sea from the beach Bandengan. The island that you can visit from here that is Long Island. On this island you can witness the beautiful natural wealth of flora and fauna of interest. You can visit this island with a relatively low cost. You can also wander around the beach by renting a boat or ship that is ready to take you around the beach while enjoying the natural beauty of the beach Bandengan.