Anyer Beach Carita Beach and is one of the tourist area on the western tip of Java island, and is famous for the beautiful beaches, as well as having its advantages and its own charm, but is rich with cultural tourism Anyer Beach Carita Beach and also offers a million charm and marine tourism nature tourism that can hook the local and foreign tourists.

Tourist area located on the edge of Sunda Strait has become an alternative for people in Jakarta and surrounding areas for menyirnakan fatigue after a week doing routine activities that would waste energy and mind, with a vacation to Carita Beach you will forget for a moment every day routine that you do.

Carita Beach tourists can do many activities like swimming in the ocean, fishing, playing Jetsky, banana boat, Skateboarding, Beach volleyball, boating, or just to sit down - sit down to enjoy the waves and sea breeze.

Besides offering beautiful beaches, Carita Beach has a choice of Hotel or Cottages along the coast, ranging from jasmine-class hotels to grade all-star at Carita Beach, with distinctive features and advantages that are not owned by the Hotel or other Cottages.