Located on the beach Indrayanti Wonosari Sundak precisely the east coast, Coast Indrayanti is a new beach in Yogyakarta. Although the beach has not been known by the public, but has a beautiful beach Indrayanti no less than the beaches around the area Wonosari other. The beach is not oversized, it makes the beach is not much visited by tourists so you can enjoy the natural beauty around the beach with calmer and maximum.
Indrayanti coast beaches can be an alternative for you, because in addition to our existing suguhi beauty of the beach we can also enjoy foods that can be purchased on the outskirts of the beach. There is a restaurant that a gazebo that provides a variety of sea food packages for the visitors. Gazebo will give the impression of a more natural for you to enjoy the beach.
Apart from the existing restaurant on the outskirts of the beach, Beach Indrayanti also has facilities such as lodging and jetski that can be used for visitors. Rates are set to enjoy this facility is relatively affordable, to stay at the inn for one night, you'll only cost you $ 350 thousand to 650 thousand where you will also get a jetski on the beach playing facilities. Lodging is located directly on the beach making it very attractive for direct view of the beach.