Baron Beach is located in the Village Kemadang, Tanjungsari District, about 23 kilometers south of the city Wonosari, while from the city of Yogyakarta is about 65 kilometers. Baron beach is the bay is flanked by a wall of green hills, filled with coconut trees. This bay is also the estuary of the river beneath the rocks, where the water is clear enough.
Like some other beaches in the South Island of Java, at Baron Beach we were not free to arbitrarily swim because the waves are quite large.
Although visitors can not swim casually but this place remains a favorite tourist attraction on the coast of Yogyakarta and the surrounding area with beautiful beaches and it is also the Baron beach is always crowded, especially when the school holidays or weekends.
No cane, the root was so. Likewise, if we went to Pantai Baron. Can not swim but that does not mean there's nothing interesting about this beach. We can still enjoy the beach breeze while enjoying a variety of typical local foods, see sea water clarity and beauty of the scenery around the coast or can inhale scented sand.
But Baron Beach beauty seems not arouse the local government to manage it properly. Once we get the impression that comes to mind is a dingy because the local government does not regulate the sellers of souvenirs and food neatly so it looks very irregular.
Hopefully in the future local government is able to organize and manage Baron Beach to be even better so that it can become a tourist attraction which is more beautiful and comfortable for the visitors and can bring in cash income for the area and local residents.