Logending / Dad Beach is one tourist attraction in the coastal districts Kebumen, Central Java. Tourism is quite famous for its blend of nautical tourism with tours of Forest, Forest Tourism Namely Logending and Dad beach. Located about 11.5 km to the south of Goa Jatijajar or 10 minutes by private vehicle. Beautiful beaches are located in the village of Ayah,Ayah district. He also called Logending beach. Logending name is derived from the Lo and Gending. Lo name of a tree whose wood can be blended into a musical instrument in the Java language Java, which is called Gending, the two are combined into words Logending.
There are Logending Campgrounds and Forest Tour. Another attraction is the bridge over the water along the 554 m which allows tourists to see immediately the beautiful scenery and beaches and there are boat tours Logending we can ride the boat by paying Rp 5000 for one person. To get to the Logending beach or Dad Beach we can via an easy to reach by road via the South line majors Jogjakarta - Cilacap.
This beach can be said to complete compared to other beaches. Because flanked by two mountains that make the scenery is so beautiful, the beach is also a land of fishermen to support the routine of everyday life. Every day dozens of boats lined the beach, with the exception of fishing boats ready to sail at any time. Sights like these are characteristic of and specific coastal fishermen. On this beach, there are also fish auction and breeding jellyfish.
But beauty is not lost even though it still never felt the vibration of this area, although no impact earthquake tsunami, the earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter Scale is centered at 142 Kilometers southwest of Tasikmalaya, West Java. Earthquake vibrations can be felt by people in Kebumen especially the fishermen in the Coast region. In this place we can enjoy the beach but we can also see an amazing sunset.