Maron beach is located in the west of Semarang, exactly around this Silandak River estuary, can be reached from two places, from Ahmad Yani Airport or from the Housing Graha Padma, Krapyak. Approximately 3 km from the highway we've got the location. If using a vehicle can be taken approximately 10 minutes. But if you want to walk, from the end of the housing Graha Padma alone could take 30 minutes.
Maron own name presumably because this beach is still owned by the Army Aviation (Penerbad), because red is the color distinctive maroon berets Penerbad, the beach is called Pantai Maron. It is less clear who is managing the Coast Maron. Clear any incoming Maron beach we just pay two thousand dollars, for the cost of parking.
If a visit to the beach Maron on Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, or holidays, certain travelers who come very much. It could even be said to be not less than the number of travelers in Parangtritis Yogyakarta or Bali. Almost every corner of the beach and cafes on the beach full of visitors.