One more beach in Bantul district that should be included in your travel agenda. Kuwaru coast, the beaches are located in the hamlet Poncosari, Srandakan District, Bantul, Yogyakarta is a pity if passed.

Playing the waves or just sitting on the beach enjoying the blue sea and the waves chased each other can be a panacea for eliminating fatigue of your daily routine busy with work or study.

Been to the beach is not complete if no water play, especially when the waves come and touch our bodies would be great. However for the sake of your own safety you should not bathe or swim to the sea. To rid yourself of sea water or sand that sticks, around the coast there are a number of public bathrooms.

Once content to play the water, if the stomach feels hungry, it goes without confusion, in the beach area Kuwaru many sellers who offer a variety of foods ranging from snacks factory packaging, traditional cakes to fried foods. For those of you who thirst too many available options, a variety of ice until the rounds are often found. According to traders around the coast, the number of visitors who come stay pretty even though it was not the holiday season or day of week, so they are not worried about losing money. In addition, around the coast there are several food stalls that are ready to process a variety of seafood. Fresh fish is the catch of the fishermen you can enjoy the cuisine. About the price certainly much cheaper than the seafood restaurant in town. Seeing the great potential of marine products, would not be surprised if in the future Kuwaru Coast will be developed into an integrated dock fishing harbor.

Naturally, if the tourists are coming to the Coast Kuwaru, besides having a beautiful panorama as well as alternative place of culinary sea, including the cool weather Kuwaru Coast. Unlike most beaches are arid with hot stinging air, the beach is growing a lot of acacia trees and fir trees. These trees are deliberately planted for them reduces abrasion from year to year is getting worse. Increasing numbers of tourists should also be accompanied by improved facilities and infrastructure like roads and signposts to the beach Kuwaru.